CAM Workflow

Design data before CNC Milling

The CAM Workflow enables the direct processing of the design data and the derivation of the travel paths.

Due to the various requirements in the CAM area we use four CAM systems in our company:

  • NCG CAM (3D-Milling)
  • Mastercam (HSC fine milling)
  • Unigraphics (Toolmaking)
  • VISI (EDM)

The CAM Workflow describes the processing of design data and its simulation. Before a product designed by us is milled, the design data is passed through a simulation programme. Here the milling is simulated with the help of the design data and the finished milling programme. Thus, before the milling we can determine whether there are errors present in the CNC programme. Only when the simulation has been completed without error is the design actually milled.


CAM Workflow