Your professional partner in mold making

Werkzeugtechnik Schmitz stands for quality in mold making. With 35 years of experience and trained specialists, we plan and manufacture molds according to your wishes and needs. You as our customer are our focus.

We do not only supply customers in the DACH area, but also internationally all over the world. We ensure our high quality standards through the use of the latest CAD/CAM technology, the systematic recording of all operating data, a computer-supported organization and, above all, through ISO 9001 certification.

Our production steps


In the preliminary stage, experienced designers work out the design that meets your requirements. We use the CAD and CAM system (Unigraphics systems). This ensures that the model and the series subsequently match 100% and there are no deviations.

Siemens NX(PRT)
Parasolid(X_T / X_B)
CATIA V4 / V5(model)
Pro/E - Creo(prt)


The CAD files created in this way are then loaded in the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system and the optimum manufacturing strategy for each component is determined. After the NC files for e.g. 5-axis simultaneous machining have been created, they are transferred to the respective CNC machine. The continuous data transfer eliminates errors in drawings or faulty arrangements.



In production, we can manufacture these components down to a few µ-mm (0.001 mm). With our optical measuring microscope and a tactile coordinate measuring machine, the components are already measured during production and any deviations that occur are detected and directly adjusted.


Everything from one source

We are experts in manufacturing high quality precision tooling and extrusion equipment. All our production parts are manufactured on in-house machines. Individual adaptations and requests such as free-form surfaces, undercuts and surface structures are also part of our daily business. Series production is also possible.

From the design to the finished mold, we are at your side during every step of production and are available to answer any questions or suggestions you may have.

Do you have individual change requests at short notice? No problem! Due to our internal processing this is possible on a short communication way and we are able to make adjustments as fast as possible.

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Our services:

Icon Symbolbild für CAM Workflow für den Formenbau


CAM Workflow

Design data is processed directly and 3D models are designed. This makes it possible to derive travel paths in mold making and tool design.


Icon Symbolbild für 3D-Fräsen für den Formenbau



With the help of the most modern milling technologies we cover with our 5-axis machines the production range of
3000 x 800 x 720 mm.

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Wire and sink erosion are used to precisely manufacture your workpieces on our four-axis machines.

Icon Symbolbild für Extrusions-Werkzeugbau für den Formenbau


Extrusion tool manufacture

Using the extrusion process, we produce plastic tools such as films, pipes, cables, sheets and window profiles.

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Injection Molding Tooling

From the development of a prototype to the manufacturing of the product - we produce your desired products with our injection molding machines.

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Laser welding

With the help of our laser welding machines, we undertake build-up welding and repair welding on your tool molds.