Laser Welding

Just in case something goes wrong

Laser Welding - Just in case something goes wrong

With our laser welding machines we can weld even the slightest defects in tool forms, inserts and other tools perfectly and free from blowholes.

Our experienced employees are trained in the repair of precision tools and solve practically every type of problem.

Thereby we can guarantee you quick, uncomplicated and, above all, timely processing. Naturally with us you can also obtain deadlines at short notice.  

For larger build-up welding we have available a mobile micro-welding unit as well as a classic TIG welding unit.

In addition to repair welding we also undertake build-up welding.

At your request we will also carry out part or finish machining of the delivered parts.

Convince yourself of our services and hand over your damaged tools to us. We will repair them for you!

Laser Welding: The Facts

Laser welding is understood to be one of many types of welding process.

The advantages here are:

  • Energy input via laser
  • High welding speed
  • Smaller and thinner weld seam form
  • Lower technical warpage

Laser: The Advantages

  • Lower focussed energy input into the workpiece
  • Lower heat-induced warpage
  • Radiation absorption is compensated in the thermal conduction welding of metals
  • Larger working distance (up to approx. 500mm clearance)
  • Repairs to difficult to access locations
  • Free choice of the surrounding atmosphere
  • Production of all joint geometries (for example, butt welds, overlap welds, fillet welds)