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Injection Moulding Technology

Injection Moulding Technology

We take over for you all associated tasks from the development of the prototype right up to the manufacture of the product.

With our tools, products for the most diverse application areas are produced, for example, for the automotive industry, for medical engineering or for the construction industry.

For the installation of heating and cooling systems, we work together with our strategic partner, PGT.

We can produce prototypes, samples or production batches for you in-house as well.

Our three injection moulding machines enable us to produce samples in the tools manufactured by us in all common materials.

This makes possible for you a convenient and speedy approval of the zero or pre-production series.

The Facts: The Injection Moulding Process

The injection moulding process is a primary shaping process. It is used mainly for the processing of plastics.

The respective material is liquefied and compressed under pressure in the injection moulding tool.

Through a cross-linking reaction (cooling down) the material is returned to its solid state.

Different processes are distinguished between:

  • Thermoplastic injection moulding
  • Thermosetting plastic injection moulding
  • Elastomer injection moulding

The sequence is similar in all processes:

  1. Plasticising and dosing
  2. Injection
  3. Pressing and cooling down
  4. Demoulding