Extrusion Tool Manufacture

Extrusion Technology

Extrusion Technology

Our core competence in extrusion tool manufacture lies in the production.
Extrusion tools are designed in accordance with your requirements,
this means you will not receive standardized tools from us.
In fact we focus on your requirements and technical conditions from the planning right up to implementation.
Thus we take over all tasks for you, from design through production right up to the calibration of the tool.
With our extrusion process tools are produced in plastic, for example,  

  • Window and roller shutter profiles
  • Tubes and rods
  • Foamed and compact sheets
  • Coated cables or
  • Film


Our services include the advising of customers from the very first sketch.

Extrusion Technology:
The Facts

Extruded products can be found in many areas.

There are, therefore, a number of different types:

  • Piston extruders: Pressure is created by a piston
  • Screw extruders: Pressure is created by a worm shaft

Other types:

  • Twin-screw extruders
  • Multi-shaft extruders
  • Cascade extruders
  • Planetary roller extruders


  • Endless profiles and films with various Shore hardnesses