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Spark Erosion in Accordance with your Requirements

Spark Erosion in Accordance with your Requirements

At Werkzeug-Technik Schmitz, electrical discharge machining technology plays an important role, especially for custom-made parts production.

We use not only wire but also die-sinking erosion. After the presentation of your 3D model, the workpieces are promptly manufactured on our four-axis machines.

With our controlled equipment we can produce bore depths from 0.2 to 400 mm and machine tool lengths up to four metres. With repeat accuracy of a few microns, here dimensionally accurate parts are produced for you production.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of four-axis control we can manufacture complex forms in a single production cycle.

Here, too, we process project and commissioned work.

Spark Erosion: The Process

Spark erosion is a thermal manufacturing process which due to its characteristics enables the manufacture of extremely accurate components.

Its advantages:

  • complex geometric forms can be produced
  • extreme high precision in production
  • the machining of difficult to cut materials is possible (steel, titanium, tungsten carbide)
  • a variable roughness can be produced

Spark Erosion: The History

The spark erosion process was invented by two Russian scientists called Lazarenko in 1943. The spark generator, the Lazarenko circuit, is named after them.

The first practical, useable spark erosion machine was presented at the European Machine Tools Exhibition in Milan in 1955.